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Our Mission and Objectives

Wellingborough Homes is a not for profit housing association. We’re here to meet housing needs in the borough of Wellingborough.

Our mission sums up what we’re all about:

Wellingborough Homes will work successfully with its customers and communities to provide great services and high-quality living environments.

To deliver this mission, we have a five-year corporate plan underpinned by four strategic objectives, to:

  • produce and use effective, high quality, accurate and timely data
  • ensure investments generate optimum social and financial value
  • reduce costs and drive efficiency
  • ensure operational performance is maintained at a high level

Meeting these objectives will make us a well-run housing association that:

  •  is efficient and provides quality, value-for-money services for its customers
  • undertakes its core business of letting and managing homes with a high degree of competency
  • makes a significant contribution to increasing the supply of affordable housing in Wellingborough
  • looks after its existing homes and invests wisely in them and the areas where they’re located
  • understands the communities we work in and contributes intelligently to supporting them as a good neighbour.
  • is swift and fleet of foot so we can respond rapidly to opportunities or threats.
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Wellingborough Homes